Top Notch DJs

What is the cost of your DJ or VJ services?
Prices vary depending on the type of event, services requested, time and date of your event. and number of guests. Prices may also vary on holiday weekends and the month of December. For example a backyard party will be less costly than a corporate holiday party for 800 guests. We can help you build a plan that will best suit you party needs.

How far in advance can I book my event?
You can book your event within a 1 year prior to your event.

How many DJs are with Top Notch DJs?
We currently house 5 DJs and are constantly looking for great talent in the Denver area.

How much experience do you all have?
All of the Top Notch DJs individually have over 16+ years of experience mixing, DJ-ing, or MC-ing professionally.

Will I find out which DJ will be doing my event?
Yes. Clients will have the opportunity to meet the assigned DJ prior to the event date for a consultation.

What is needed to book an event with Top Notch?
All clients must sign a "Terms of Agreement" contract in order to lock-in the event date. A deposit is also required.

Can we change the event date after we book your services?
Yes. Clients may choose another open available date if the original date cannot work for them. Please check for availability with the Top Notch.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my party?
Yes. Clients are able to receive a partial refund if you cancel your event. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable. However, it may still go towards payment for another "open" event date if the original date has changed.

When do I have to pay my remaining balance for my event?
All checks must be paid 2 weeks prior to an event. Cash or cashier's check can be paid prior to set-up on the event date.

What type of equipment do you use?
The Top Notch DJs only use industry level equipment. Every DJ uses different equipment that they are comfortable with but all includes products from Serato, Apple, Pioneer, Technics, Denon, Mackie, Chauvet Lighting, Yorkville, Yamaha, Rane and Alto.

Do you have DJ insurance or liability and why is it needed by vendors?
Yes, we are Fully Insured. Many venues ask for DJs to have Insurance for several reasons.

1. Liability purposes to make sure that their venue and guests will be covered from any unfortunate mishaps at the event.
2. It shows the professionalism of the DJ company. The venue will not allow any DJ that is not of a specific standard perform in there venue. By having insurance, it places the company as being a "Professional DJ Company". Think of it as having a piece of mind.

What type of genres do you play?
We play all genres of music ranging from Top 40, R&B, Club, Country, Rock N' Roll, Hip-Hop, Latin, Reggae, Classical, Ballroom, 1940 - current and much more.

How many songs do you have?
We have over 110,000 songs and 6,000 music videos (Independently). We are sure to find what keeps the party going.

What if we wanted to keep you for an additional hour, is that possible?
Yes. Additional hours may be purchased at any event. Please check for availability from your DJ in order to extended the party.

Can we hear you DJ live before booking you for our event?
Yes. Clients are always welcome to attend an open event from the Top Notch DJs. Unfortunately, we are unable to invite guest to private events. We also upload special mixes to our website periodically.

Do you have any clean music selection?
Yes. We carry a huge selection of clean and edited music for our events.

What are "ADD-ONs"?
Add-on services are upgrades that bring life to your party. You can add an "Add-on" feature such as speaker upgrade, Video Mixing, projectors screens, subwoofers, and lighting. These products may be added to any DJ package.

Can I give you a list of songs that I would like to hear at my event?
Yes. We encourage our clients to be a part of the decision making of their event.

Do you take requests?
Yes. Guests are able to request songs at anytime.

Do you have questions about choosing a great DJ Service?  Here are some of our most commonly asked questions