Top Notch DJs

               "The Resume"

Mountain Vista Elementary - Aurora, CO

Sky Vista Middle - Aurora, CO

View House Littleton & Centennial - CO
Celebrity Lanes Bowling - (4 Years) CO
The Curtis Hotel - Denver, CO
Jacksons Bar & Girll, Centennial, CO
Double Diamond Bar, Steamboat CO
A-Casino Events, Denver, CO
West Denver Marriott, Denver, CO
The Grant-Humphry Mansion - CO
The Fleming Mansion - Denver, CO
Moore Estates - Littleton, CO
The Chateaux - Broomfield CO
Dave & Busters - Denver CO
Grandview High Homecoming 2014, CO
Fox Ridge Middle School, Aurora CO
Skyline Rooftop - Denver, CO
The Franciscan - Centennial, CO
Hyatt Regency (DTC) - FRCS 2013
FRCS - Father/ Daughter Dance 12-15
Hotel Monaco - A Casino Event, Denver
The Ritz Carlton - Downtown Denver 14
Double Tree - 1st Bank Bash Thornton
Wildlife Exp - 2012/13 Prom -Denver
Tivoli Turnhale - Wedding, Denver, CO
Magnolia Hotel - A Casino Event, CO
Front Range C.S. - Homecoming 2012
Gil's Bday Bash - Piney Creek, CO
2012 A-Casino Party - Elizabeth, CO
The Curtis Hotel - Denver, CO
The Marriot - Park Meadows 2012
Laredo 8th Gr. Dance - Aurora, CO
Overland High School - 2012 Winterfest
Overland High - 2012 B-ball Fundraiser
Sherrill Estate - Alte, CO
Saddle Rock Ridge - Southlands, CO
Delmonico Ballroom – Denver, CO
The Manor House – Ken Carl, CO
Palomino Park Resort – H.R., CO
Fat Cats Bowling – Westminster, CO
Lime in the Landmark – Denver, CO
Hotel Derek – Houston, TX
Graduation Event – Santa Fe, NM
Houston Ballroom – Houston, TX
Crystal Ballroom – Houston, TX
Double Tree Hotel Downtown – TX
Double Tree Hotel – Houston, TX
The Westin Hotel (Galleria) – TX
Hilton Americas– Houston, TX
Hotel ZaZa– Houston, TX
Martini BLVD– Houston, TX
Capone’s – Houston, TX
Gardens Ballroom – Houston, TX
Cleopatra Ballroom – Houston, TX
San Jacinto College – Houston, TX
Mamacita’s Ballroom – Pasadena, TX
The Dugout –Houston, TX
YMCA – Castlegory Houston, TX
El Patio– Houston, TX
Magnolia Ballroom– Houston, TX
Baytown Ballroom – Houston, TX
Corpus Christi Museum – Corpus Christ
Brady’s Landing – Houston, TX
The Aquarium – Houston, TX
Kemah Boardwalk – Kemah, TX
Cleopatra Ballroom - – Houston, TX

North Shore High – Houston, TX

North Shore Mid – Houston, TX

La Porte High School– Houston, TX Friendswood MD School – Houston, TX

St. Mary’s Private School – Houston,TX

  Many people know me as Rawle King, but when I am rocking a party, I go by the name of "DJ Big King". As far back as I could remember, I have always had a passion for music. I love to see the way that it brings people from different walks of life together to have a great time. In 2003, I decided to turn my passion for music into a professional DJ company. Everyone knows that the DJ plays a critical role in making an event a success. That's why it's important to choose the Top Notch DJs for your next event. My team of DJs bring organization, dependability, professionalism and style to our events. We are also the house DJs for the award winning "Celebrity Lanes Bowling" & Jackson's Sports Bar & Grill in Centennial Colorado. So remember, it's not just about the music, it's about making memories that will last forever!

DJ Fatal

DJ "X Marks The Spot" brings a whole other level to your party.  With experiences with some of Denver's hottest venues and opening for some of Hip-Hop's greatest names, DJ X knows always keeps the crowd hyped.  

DJ "X"

DJ Big King

DJ Done is one of Denver's most requested DJs.  Done brings his personal experiences from his travels around the world.  With his hi energy and upbeat mixes, he is sure to make your event a success.

DJ Done

Name:  DJ Big King: Head DJ of Top Notch DJs

Years of Experience: 16

College:  University of Colorado

Goal:  To Give You A Party Experience Like No Other!

DJ Fatal, better known as "The Asian Persuasion", knows how to bring life to the party. His expertise is with Hip-Hop, Funk and some of the rarest Mash-ups. DJ Fatal spins at various venues such as The Tavern, View House and Sports Lounge. 

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